Consumer Media

Listen! Audio Consumer

With its products, EMTEC promises buyers perfect enjoyment of music and offers a range which includes all the relevant analog and digital audio recording media. The complete audio range manufactured by EMTEC under the EMTEC brand name meets all the specifications of international equipment producers and is constantly being developed to comply with consumers’ wishes.

Look! Video Consumer

The rapid pace of development in television and video technology and the use of new hardware with ever greater capacities present a real challenge to the quality and versatility of magnetic recording media. EMTEC accepts this challenge. The company offers the right video product for every application, be it the recording of TV programmes, the archiving of classic films, or the transfer and editing of camcorder recordings.

Save! Data Media Consumer

EMTEC proves its dedication to the world of multimedia by offering a dynamic range of storage products for multimedia applications. Ranging from recordable and rewritable CDs and DVDs to the newest format of memory cards, whatever you want to safe – be it music, video, data, photographs – EMTEC has the right storage media for you