About EMTEC Group

EMTEC Magnetics GmbH, formerly known as BASF Magnetics GmbH, was founded in 1997. Today the company is one of the largest suppliers of storage media, and is the world’s leading manufacturer of magnetic tape, with an annual capacity of approx. 2.5 billion square meters (enough to cover the entire country of Luxembourg). EMTEC, which stands for “European Multimedia Technologies”, develops, manufactures and sells storage media for the consumer media and professional media markets. From 2002, the EMTEC name will replace the famous BASF brand name on the company’s products.

n 1999, the Ludwigshafen-based company recorded a turnover of approx. DM 1.5 billion. The EMTEC group employs 3,000 people worldwide, including 2,000 in Germany alone. The company operates from five locations in Germany, France, and Brazil, and has 16 subsidiaries as well as 29 sales agencies throughout the world.

EMTEC gives the highest priority to product quality. It operates a quality management system that complies with the international ISO 9001 standard and received additional certification under the German DQS standard in November 1995.