Office Products

EMTEC Hardcopy Products

In a short space of time printers have progressed enormously in performance. Superb print quality is available today to everyone. However, to get the best from your printer you must use the best materials. Who doesn’t want brilliant colors, solid black and precise definition? Who doesn’t want a simple problem-free operation every time? The BASF Fantastic Print range makes the decision easy because it stands for uncompromising quality!

EMTEC Screen Filters

Fantastic Vision and you’ll see clearly. EMTEC Screen Filters are effective optical protection for your eyes.

EMTEC Cleaning Products

For every situation, the Fantastic Clean range has the appropriate solution.

  • High cleaning power
    Long term antistatic effect
    Protects the environment
    The right solution for every job

The cleaning of the computer and peripherals is a challenge. Dirt, dust and static charges can seriously impair working conditions and the sense of well-being. Sensitive surfaces, static charges, inaccessible crevices – these are the office cleaning problems which Fantastic Clean products were designed to solve